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Mystery Minis Fallout Vinyl Figures By Funko Are Coming Soon!

Fallout Mystery Minis announced! These are collectible vinyl figures in small scale, with awesome details.

Funko Fallout Mystery Minis
Funko Fallout Mystery Minis! 1 in 12 chances for each.

Some of the one’s included are the Lone Wanderer, Brotherhood of Steel, Super Mutant, Tunnel Snake gang, a murderous Raider, Fallout player perks like Black Widow, Nerd Rage, and Grim Reaper’s Sprint.

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Coming Soon: Funko Supernatural Mystery Minis vinyl figures

Supernatural Mystery Minis are on the way from Funko!

Some of the figures we are getting; are the demon fighting brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel their heavenly buddy and mentor Bobby, who is a must have.

Also a few of the evil guys included are a Hellhound, and a Scarecrow who is hungry for a sacrifice.

Supernatural Mystery Minis by Funko.
Supernatural Mystery Minis by Funko.

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Funko has a Minions Invasion with Pop’s and Mystery Minis!

Coming soon from Funko….Minions Pop vinyl figures! They are looking for a new leader! Feast your eyes on all the minion variety.

Minions Cro-Minion Funko Pop figure
Minions Cro-Minion Funko Pop figure. I imagine he likes to smash things. Cro-minion also comes with goggles ,a cute pigtail with bone, and a club!

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Funko’s Inside Out Secret Characters are Revealed – Pop and Mystery Minis

Funko has added some new characters to the Inside Out toy line! Here’s your look at those secret characters. First up is Bing Bong!  He is Riley Anderson’s imaginary friend in the movie. His fun character is an eclectic mix of things, an elephant, cat, and cotton candy!

Funko Pop! Bing Bong from Disney's Inside Out
Funko Pop! Bing Bong from Disney’s Inside Out.

The movie will also come with a short film called Lava and is due out in America on the 19th of June. Bing Bong is available now for collecting! Continue reading