Funko has a Minions Invasion with Pop’s and Mystery Minis!

Coming soon from Funko….Minions Pop vinyl figures! They are looking for a new leader! Feast your eyes on all the minion variety.

Minions Cro-Minion Funko Pop figure
Minions Cro-Minion Funko Pop figure. I imagine he likes to smash things. Cro-minion also comes with goggles ,a cute pigtail with bone, and a club!

Minions Eye Matie Funko Pop figure
Minions Eye Matie Funko Pop figure. ARRRR!
Bored Silly Kevin Funko Pop Minions
Bored Silly Kevin Funko Pop Minions. Modern and very bored, here he is holding a fish!
Au Naturel Funko Pop Minions
Au Naturel Funko Pop Minions. Now that is confidence! This figure really cracked me up.
King Bob Funko Pop Minions
King Bob Funko Pop Minions. Hail!

Also available are Minions Mystery Minis! These vinyl figures are adorable and fun!

Minions Mystery Minis Funko
Minions Mystery Minis Funko
Minions Mystery Minis Funko Characters
Minions Mystery Minis Funko characters all lined up. Each character has a 1 in 12 rarity! So nice even odds of collecting your favorites.

These Mystery Minis are available this month!

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