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Kidrobot to Launch Looney Tunes Collection This Week!

looney tunes kidrobot

Kidrobot and Warner Bros. are releasing a Looney Tunes Collection! Feast your eyes on the cool variety of characters and styles of figures. You may have seen my previous article on these, well now I have all new pics to go with the toy news!

Limited Edition Mark Dean Veca Tweety Bird Art Toy
Limited Edition Mark Dean Veca Tweety Bird Art Toy

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Kidrobot and Warner Bros. To Release Looney Tunes Capsule

looney tunes kid robot toys

Great news! Kidrobot and Warners Bros. are teaming up and will be releasing a full capsule together featurng Looney Tunes. Among my favorite cartoons from my childhood, I’ll be on the lookout for these when they arrive!

“Between the years of 1930 -1968, a small ramshackle structure hidden in the very back of the Warner Bros. studio lot unleashed a cavalcade of riot and delight upon an unsuspecting world. Looney Tunes was unlike anything ever made before or since. Kidrobot is proud to present a full cast of your favorite cartoon heroes and anti-heroes from Bugs to Pepe LePew for your collecting pleasure.” said Frank Kozik, Creative Director of Kidrobot, on the creation of the Looney Tunes capsule.

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Pop! Movies: Karate Kid Funko Figures!

When someone mentions the Karate Kid a few things will inevitably spring to mind; Pat Morita’s immortal “Wax on, Wax off”, The Crane Kick, The Cobrai Kai. But for me it will always be Joe Esposito’s “Your The Best”. Just looking at the images of the new Pop! Movies Karate Kid figures I can hear the song playing.  So try your best to collect them all …

The Karate Kid Daniel Larusso Funko Pop vinyl figure.
The Karate Kid Daniel Larusso Funko Pop vinyl figure. Wax on! Wax Off!

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Funko has a Minions Invasion with Pop’s and Mystery Minis!

Coming soon from Funko….Minions Pop vinyl figures! They are looking for a new leader! Feast your eyes on all the minion variety.

Minions Cro-Minion Funko Pop figure
Minions Cro-Minion Funko Pop figure. I imagine he likes to smash things. Cro-minion also comes with goggles ,a cute pigtail with bone, and a club!

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