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San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives For Funko and Vinyl Sugar: Wave One

If you’re going to SDCC, or just love to hear about it, these are for you! Funko has announced their first wave of Sand Diego Comic-Con exclusives. Covering a wide and fun variety, these are not available as a pre-buy option this year. You’ll be able to get these instead at the convention.

Funko Pop Animation Futurama Gold Bender vinyl figure
Funko Pop Animation Futurama Gold Bender vinyl figure. Looking feisty as ever with a nice shiny gold finish!

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Funko’s Inside Out Secret Characters are Revealed – Pop and Mystery Minis

Funko has added some new characters to the Inside Out toy line! Here’s your look at those secret characters. First up is Bing Bong!  He is Riley Anderson’s imaginary friend in the movie. His fun character is an eclectic mix of things, an elephant, cat, and cotton candy!

Funko Pop! Bing Bong from Disney's Inside Out
Funko Pop! Bing Bong from Disney’s Inside Out.

The movie will also come with a short film called Lava and is due out in America on the 19th of June. Bing Bong is available now for collecting! Continue reading