Introducing Marvel Mopeez Funko Toys!

Introducing the Marvel Mopeez! These awesome cute 4 and half inch plush figures are coming soon! The are cleverly weighted on bottom so as to keep the cute pose.

Rocket Raccoon Mopeez.
Rocket Raccoon Mopeez. Awe you can collect Rocket and Groot and have them be sad together!
Groot Mopeez
Groot Mopeez! This is the best! What a cute grumpy face!

Hulk Mopeez
Hulk Mopeez. Hulk is pensive, seriously.
Iron man mopeez
Iron man Mopeez. I’ve never seen Iron Man look so sad!
Captain America Mopeez
Captain America Mopeez. Fully suited up, the Captain is cute, sad, and sitting.
Deadpool Mopeez
Deadpool Mopeez. This look totally suites Deadpool!
Spiderman Mopeez
Spiderman Mopeez. Quick spidy, use your webs, maybe it’ll cheer you up!

Marvel Mopeez are available in May! I’d love to collect them all!

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