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Funko Pocket Pop! Keychains Harry Potter, GoTG Pop! Mugs, and Marvel Pen Toppers

Hogwarts will never be the same! Cute and small collectible keychains are on the way featuring The Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter. Also available will be Hermione Granger and Dark Lord Voldemort! These are Pocket Pop keychains by Funko!

Funko Pocket Pop Keychains Harry Potter
Funko Pocket Pop! Keychains Harry Potter. Loving the detail, you can’t go wrong with Pocket Pop’s!

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Classic Marvel Dorbz Series 1 Figures Announced!

Classic Marvel Dorbz Series 1 has been announced by Vinyl Sugar! These vinyl figures are so adorable and feature painted on designs. Collect 3 inch high villains and heroes in vinyl form!

Iron Man Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar
Iron Man Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar. I suspect this one would fly around your shelf when you aren’t looking. Looking cute and quite a bit mischievous!
Beast Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar
Beast Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar. I love the look on Beast’s face! I bet he’s been reading or helping out the other X-Men!
Captain America Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar
Captain America Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar. Cap is ready to save the world! Quite possibly one of the cutest in this collection. Teeny wings ya’ll, teeny wings!
Wolverine Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar
Wolverine Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar. He has certainly never looked more content!
Ghost Rider Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar
Ghost Rider Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar. So fiery, so adorably scary!
Deadpool Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar
Deadpool Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar. Aw he kind of has googly eyes!

Coming in August!

Spiderman Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar
Spiderman Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar. Everyone’s favorite web slinger looks ready to kill em with cuteness.
Thor Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar
Thor Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar. To Asgard! I love his shiny helmet and happy smile.
Mystique Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar
Mystique Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar. Featuring a skull detail on her head and really fun styling!
Magneto Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar
Magneto Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar. He looks perfect as a Dorbz mini figure! This is one of my favorites in this series.
Scarlet Witch Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar
Scarlet Witch Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar. I adore her since seeing Avengers Age of Ultron! Would love to collect this figure.
Hulk Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar
Hulk Dorbz by Vinyl Sugar. Smash! Or maybe just sit cutely in the corner? Hulk features a nice hair sculpt and great painted on detailing!

These Dorbz all look incredible and are sure to make for some happy Marvel fans! Coming later on this year! Who do you want the most?

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Introducing Marvel Mopeez Funko Toys!

Introducing the Marvel Mopeez! These awesome cute 4 and half inch plush figures are coming soon! The are cleverly weighted on bottom so as to keep the cute pose.

Rocket Raccoon Mopeez.
Rocket Raccoon Mopeez. Awe you can collect Rocket and Groot and have them be sad together!
Groot Mopeez
Groot Mopeez! This is the best! What a cute grumpy face!

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