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Funko Pop! Fallout 4 and Batman Arkham Mystery Minis, Coming Soon!

Pop! Games: Fallout 4 toys are on the way! This set features the Valut dweller, Dogmeat, John Hancock, and T-60 Power Armour.

Funko Pop Fallout 4 Vault Dweller
Funko Pop! Fallout 4 Vault Dweller, comes with weapon and handy survival instincts.

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Game On, Players! BioShock & Batman: Arkham Knight Coming Soon!

In an exciting turn, Funko has announced BioShock and Batman: Arkham Knight vinyl figures!

BioShock fans you won’t want to miss these!

Funko Pop! Bioshock Infinate Booker DeWitt vinyl figure.
Funko Pop! Bioshock Infinate Booker DeWitt vinyl figure. The mysterious Booker is looking great here!

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DC Superheroes Mopeez are Coming Soon

DC characters are having a bad day, yes even Batman who is never grumpy. 😉 The new line of  Funko DC Mopeez is taking DC comic book icons, and turning them into the 4.5 inch plush figures who will mope around your toy shelves just begging for a hug.

The line will feature heroes and villains straight from the pages of your favourite DC books, with Superman, Batman, Robin, Batgirl and the Flash rounding out the heroes. While Joker and Harley Quinn are keeping up the Villains side in this line.


DC Superheroes Batman Mopeez
DC Superheroes Batman Mopeez, A new look for the Dark Night who is normally so bright and cheerful.

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Coming Soon from Vinyl Sugar: Batman Dorbz Figures

Vinyl Sugar is bringing the cute again with their next Dorbz series: Batman!! These tiny lovable vinyl collectibles will totally win you over. These stand at 3 inches high and feature front and back window panels on the box, so you have a cute way to display them. More Batman Dorbz coming later on in the year!

Vinyl Sugar: Batman Dorbz
Vinyl Sugar: Batman Dorbz. Say it with me now, awwwww.

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