Funko Reveals Science Fiction Mystery Minis Figures!

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Funko has announced this amazing new set of Mystery Minis featuring awesome science fiction characters! From ET to The Rocketeer and even Firefly this is one of the best set’s of Mystery Minis so far! I love these miniatures! The full Set includes 3 Predator’s with 1 being a Blood version and 1 Stealth Predator, 2 Xenomorph’s from the Alien Movies with 1 being a metallic version, Mars Attacks Alien, Judge Dredd, Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet (1956), RoboCop,  Amok Time Spock, 2 Flynn’s from Tron with 1 glow in the dark, Metaluna Mutant, E.T., The Rocketeer, Malcolm Reynolds, and Jayne Cobb. The rare versions are clear, glow in the dark, metallic and blood splattered! These will be blind boxed and are available this September!

Science Fiction Mystery Minis funko figures
Funko Science Fiction Mystery Minis
Science Fiction Mystery Minis funko figures
These are adorable and so many iconic Sci-fi Characters too! I think I’m most looking forward to Malcolm Reynolds, Judge Dredd, Spock, Robocop, and The Rocketeer!
Science Fiction Mystery Minis funko figures rareness levels
Science Fiction Mystery Minis rareness levels! Look at Jayne’s hat!

Who are you looking forward to the most?


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