Funko Phantom, Groot, and Phil Coulson with Lola Vinyl Figures On The Way!

Move over Avengers, Justice League, Fantastic Four, and Guardians of the Galaxy. A new team is in town. Funko is bringing the ultimate team to save us all. The Phantom, Holiday Dancing Groot, and Agent Coulson atop his mighty steed Lola!

Funko Heroes Phantom
Lord of the Jungle, The Hero who Stalks, The Beasts call him Brother, The Ghost Who Walks . . . Phantom.

From the deepest jungle of Bangalla, Kit Walker is here to take the fight to those need it. With a legacy spanning centuries from 1500’s to the far flung future of 2040, The Ghost Who Walks is finally immortalised in Pop! Form. He is sporting his iconic purple outfit, his Skull belt, awesome stripey pants and of course his trademark rings. The Good Mark and the Evil Mark, used to mark those who are under his protection and of course to show those evil ones he has defeated.

Coming in September.

Pop Heroes Agent Coulson with Lola
Don’t Touch Lola!

Next up is Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. Sporting his dapper suit and sunglasses while sitting in his beloved 1962 Red Chevrolet Corvette in flight mode. Coming in October and remember Don’t Touch Lola!

Pop Marvel Holiday Dancing Groot
I am Cute!

Rounding out the trio is a New Groot! This one is in Holiday colors with a green pot and a red bow and a big smile on his face. Get your hands on his little dancing guy this September just in time for the holidays.

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