Support for Grayson – Help take a stand against bullying

In North Carolina, USA recently a 9 year old boy was bullied very badly by multiple students, when he was carrying a My Little Pony backpack to school. When his parents approached the school for help, the parents were blamed for letting him have the bag. Nothing was done to the bullies to stop them from tormenting him. The school called it a “trigger for bullying“. Please help stand up to bullying and show your support for Grayson. The superintendent’s office also stands by the school in choosing to limit Grayson and not taking action to stop the bullying.

I believe personally the actions of the school are harmful, not only do they set a bad example of how to stop bullying(nothing was done, sets a bad precedent), they punished Grayson by banning him from carrying the MLP item. It is wrong to not try to stop the bullying, without intervention they will continue to do this to him and probably others. It is very harmful to show that Grayson is the one in the wrong by limiting him. The school had no prior ban on My Little Pony items, and I do feel that if a little girl was the victim here they wouldn’t have said leave it at home.

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His supportive and wonderful family has had to pull him from the school, and he is currently being home schooled while they look for a solution(they plan to find a school for him to go back to in the Fall). The parents are also trying to work with the school to try and find a solution so this won’t happen to other students in the future.

After the story broke I found that it happened in Buncombe country, which is right near where I grew up in North Carolina. So this hits very close to home for me, and on a topic I already feel very strongly about. Help stand up for the bullied, the people who don’t have a voice. Bullying happens all over the world everyday and it can be helped by educating kids and people on what it is, and how to stop it. The more people talk about this issue, the more it can change. You can show your support liking and sharing Graysons Facebook Page here: SupportForGrayson Use the hashtag #supportforgrayson and send him love. Parents don’t forget to talk to your kids about bullying, and kids talk to your parents if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, we can all help each other.

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