Pop! Games: Borderlands Vinyl Figures are Coming Soon

Borderlands vinyl figures are coming soon! These are by Funko and are super stylized and in vinyl figure form!

Handsome Jack Borderlands Pop!
Handsome Jack Borderlands Pop! The villain looks very dapper and serious here.

Mad Moxxi Borderlands Pop!
Mad Moxxi Borderlands Pop! The creator of the Underdome, Moxxi is very flamboyant and stylish. I love the card detailing in the hat! This is a favorite character for a lot of cosplayers to do, really neat seeing her in Pop form!
Claptrap Borderlands Pop!
Claptrap Borderlands Pop! robot for all your general needs.
Psycho Borderlands Pop!
Psycho Borderlands Pop! The mask looks really cool here, watch out for these!

Available in June! Will you be collecting them?

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