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Shopkins Series 3 Toys Unboxing and review, Blind Bag Mystery!

This is a new episode of Blind Bag Mystery. I’ll be delving into Shopkins Series 3! I’m opening 3 blind packs and doing a toy review. These are always cute, and are food themed. The Moose Toys mini figures are awesome! You’ll also find the other 2 series on my youtube channel. I was lucky enough to get an ultra rare Shopkin in this video! Let me know your fav toy from the video below.

World Play Doh Day, Shopkins Challenge

This is my video for World Play Doh Day! Several toy channels are doing a Shopkins Challenge! We will have 10 minutes to make out of play doh, Miss Mushy Moo, Molly Mops, and Taco Terrie Shopkins. So be sure and watch all the videos in our playlist and please vote for who did the best. :) Let me know how I did below!

Playlist of all the Challenge vids! Playlist here
Where you can vote: Vote!

Welcome! Here you’ll find collectible toys, toy reviews, and mystery openings! I love collecting blind bags. New videos posted every Saturday! :)