Funko Pop Toy Story Vinyl Figures are Coming Soon!

funko pop toy story buzz lightyear
Funko Pop! Toy Story Buzz Lightyear. He’s always to the rescue!

Pop! Disney: Toy Story figures are on the way!

You’ve got a friend in these! Funko Pop toys that are on the way! Buzz, Woody, Hamm, and Rex are included in this fun wave! These feature brand new poses as well. Celebrating twenty years of Toy Story. :)

funko pop toy story woody
Funko Pop! Toy Story Woody vinyl figure. Is there a snake in his boots?
funko pop toy story hamm
Funko Pop! Toy Story Hamm. The memorable piggy bank comes sitting with a serious look on his face.
funko pop toy story buzz rex
Funko Pop! Toy Story Buzz Rex vinyl figure. He can’t handle the uncertainty! This Rex figure looks like he could use a hug.

Coming in December!

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