Dorbz Batman With the First ever Dorbz Ridez + More Series 1

Dorbz Ridez 1966 Batmobile is on the way from Vinyl Sugar!

Dorbz Ridez 1966 Batmobile
Vinyl Sugar Dorbz Ridez, 1966 Batmobile. This really sweet ride is perfectly made for Batman to ride around in! Featuring the classic design, I think this thing is awesome! This is also the first ever Dorbz Ridez!

Coming in November!

Now for the second part of Batman Series 1 Dorbz!

Dorbz Batman
Dorbz Batman. Nah-nah nah-nah nah-nah nah-nah, Batman!
Dorbz Joker
Dorbz Joker. The main troublemaker himself! The green haired dude is pretty happy!
Dorbz Catwoman
Dorbz Catwoman. Selina Kyle is here in one of her signature looks, complete with the cutest Whip ever.
Dorbz Riddler
Dorbz Riddler. Riddle me this….Riddler? Looking trendy, and always up to mischief.
Dorbz Scarecrow
Dorbz Scarecrow, don’t let his sweet look fool you!
Dorbz Poison Ivy
Dorbz Poison Ivy. She’s looking so cute but let’s hope she keeps her lips to herself!

Coming in November!

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