DC Superheroes Mopeez are Coming Soon

DC characters are having a bad day, yes even Batman who is never grumpy. 😉 The new line of  Funko DC Mopeez is taking DC comic book icons, and turning them into the 4.5 inch plush figures who will mope around your toy shelves just begging for a hug.

The line will feature heroes and villains straight from the pages of your favourite DC books, with Superman, Batman, Robin, Batgirl and the Flash rounding out the heroes. While Joker and Harley Quinn are keeping up the Villains side in this line.


DC Superheroes Batman Mopeez
DC Superheroes Batman Mopeez, A new look for the Dark Night who is normally so bright and cheerful.

DC Super heroes Batgirl Mopeez
DC Superheroes Batgirl Mopeez. Looking adorable!
DC Super Heroes Harley Quinn Mopeez
DC Superheroes Harley Quinn Mopeez. So trixy, so mopey!
DC Super Heroes Robin Mopeez
DC Superheroes Robin Mopeez, Looks like he just found out what happened to the other Robins.
DC Super Heroes Joker Mopeez
DC Superheroes Joker Mopeez. He’s looking very dapper in his classic outfit.
DC Super Heroes Superman Mopeez
DC Superheroes Superman Mopeez, I think the Flash just beat him in a race.
DC Super Heroes The Flash Mopeez
DC Superheroes The Flash Mopeez, I don’t know what he is feeling down about, He just beat Superman in a race.
DC Super Heroes Collection Mopeez
DC Superheroes Collection Mopeez

So who would you like to see if this line continues? Who else in the DC Universe could be converted to the sad sacks of plush cuteness?

That Aquaman guy springs to mind for me, the grumpy king of Atlantis is probably just behind Batman for brooding in a corner somewhere.

Coming this August!

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